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                Today is 2019-8-18, Welcome to the web Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. Website: www.bjl08.com

                After-sale service

                The company set up a national service network covering the whole country, with excellent service technician team, at the same time to establish a sound service system, a strong guarantee for the user to provide quality services.

                1, pre consultation: Bengbu hydraulic hydraulic engineers, for the first time to provide customers with the best product design and complete set of configuration program.

                2, project design: once the project is determined, the technical department will formally take over. Technical engineers, sales staff and product design engineers regularly hold meetings, to understand each detail, and get the final consensus.

                3, product assembly: Bengbu hydraulic service engineer on-site guidance, to ensure that the site installation, commissioning of high speed and high quality.

                4, technical training: after the customer demand, we will be on the customer's technical personnel training, to solve the daily problems.

                Customer service hotline: 0552-3151769

                Fax hotline: 0552-3151242

                The user to the person, letter and call product consulting, service complaints and other issues, within 24 hours to give a clear answer to deal with the views.


                Please scan the QR code,Open the phone station