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                Today is 2019-8-18, Welcome to the web Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. Website: www.bjl08.com

                Service commitment

                  Bengbu hydraulic adhering to the "Prudential to pay the world guest service Wuzhou friends" marketing idea, take the customer demand as the center, with first-class speed, first-class technology, first-class attitude to achieve "beyond customer expectations and exceed the industry standard" service goals.

                1, the main parts of the warranty period of 1 years or 2000 hours.

                2, the user feedback product failure information, from the beginning of the information received.

                (1)Service outlets within 300 km, within 8 hours of service personnel in place. 

                (2)Service outlets within the range of 301-600 km, 16 hours of service personnel in place. 

                (3)Service outlets 600 kilometers away, 24 hours of service personnel in place.


                Please scan the QR code,Open the phone station