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                Today is 2019-8-18, Welcome to the web Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. Website: www.bjl08.com

                Company introduction

                  Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is Anhui Heli Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, founded in 1958, in 1992, joined the Anhui Forklift Group close layer; in 1997, and Anhui Forklift Group formally signed the merger agreement; in 2002, successfully entered the state-owned enterprises listed companies - Anhui Heli Co., Ltd., as its branch. In February 2012 successfully completed branch restructuring as a wholly owned subsidiary of, and changed its name for Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd..

                  At present, the total assets of the company as 29366 million yuan, 9201 million yuan in fixed assets, annual output value of more than 500 million yuan, profits and taxes in located Longzihu district is located in the forefront.

                  Bengbu hydraulic has domestic and foreign high-end equipment: scraping rolling machine, automatic engineering oil cylinder installed engine, infiltration type oil filter machine, welding robot plane... , the numerical control rate of enterprise production equipment has reached more than 95%, in the domestic counterparts in the manufacturing level far ahead. As the country's largest forklift cylinder production base, specializing in the production of hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic variable torque converter, set product design, development and production in one, the product market possession rate is more than 50%, sales for many years ranked domestic industry first. Company mainly produces forklift truck hydraulic cylinder, cylinder loading, hoist cylinder, cylinder of sanitation, reinstall the oil cylinder, a hydraulic lift variable torque converter, can meet the demand for 1-46 ton forklift and all kinds of engineering machinery, with Heli forklift sold to all the continents of the world, and directly to domestic forklift truck before the 10 strong enterprises supporting, at the same time as TADANO, Clark and other well-known foreign enterprises of construction machinery service.

                  Bengbu hydraulic has four manufacturing department, equipment loading and unloading, 19 functional departments, a total of more than 600 people, including graduate students 15 people, 96 undergraduate students, backbone staff of 120 people, senior titles more than 20 people, intermediate title more than 30. In the joint efforts of all employees, in 2005 through the "two level of safety production standardization enterprise", 2008, 2011 by the delayed review; 2012 was recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise", "Anhui provincial technical center; in October 2013 through the" environmental management system "," occupation health and safety management system "and" the "three" quality management system certification; has won the "Anhui Province, information technology and industrialization, the integration of the two demonstration enterprise" and "national safety quality standardization of two enterprises", "Anhui provincial safety production association advanced unit", "excellent Chinese industrial vehicle accessory supplier honor holder", "Bengbu city tax major", "Bengbu advanced units", "Shou contract re credit units", "Bengbu city to promote the advanced enterprise culture demonstration unit" honorary title Number

                  The pursuit of excellence is eternal theme of Bengbu hydraulic, hydraulic will courageously fighting, to build the company into a leading domestic, international first-class hydraulic enterprises and the way ahead.

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